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UX Hustler | UI Design Evangelist

Hi There! I am Saikat, an individual with a passion for creativity and design.
Creativity makes me happy. I’m excited to start a new design journey,
learn about you, and make something beautiful together.

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Career Summary

Over 12+ years of design experience in the technology industry, with hands-on proficiency in UX/UI and Interaction design. I create the unified design solution for complex user experiences and pixel perfect UI. I come up with new ideas to make every product design more pleasant, expedient and inclusive. The variety of my work embraces universal and cohesive product designs.

I like to inspire people around me by enabling meaningful collaboration between development teams and stakeholders to build simple, delightful and differentiated experiences. Decency, easiness, artistic extensiveness, attention to detail, composed attractiveness, innovation, usability is the essence of everything I design.


My career has bridged multiple brands to design products for services, devices & platforms. Dreaming persistently, believing utterly, performing daily, and acclaiming repetitively...

  • ★  Principal UX Designer, Manager  – Vocera Inc.
  • ★  Lead UX Designer  – Nor1 Inc.
  • ★  Principal Visual Designer  – Kodak
  • ★  UI Designer  – SONY
  • ★  UX Designer  – Microsoft
  • ★  UX Designer  – Mattson Technology Inc.

  • ★  UI & Motion Designer  – TATA Interactive

  • ★  Web Designer  – Sap’s Creations

Skill Set

I use common HCI guidelines and Gestalt visual perception to redefine UX by providing meaningful and conversion centric strategy.

☀   Balsamiq & Axure
☀   Adobe Edge & Key Note
☀   Zeplin & Flinto
☀   Optimizely & Crazyegg

User interface design is the utmost exciting part of my work, as a passionate designer I have always come up intuitive, simple and natural UI for complex apps.

☀   Photoshop & Sketch
☀   Illustrator & Gimp
☀   Adobe Creative Cloud

I work to synthesize genuine passion, and obsessive attention in interaction of an application that makes it intuitive and seamless across all devices.

☀   Pencil-Paper & Balsamiq
☀   HTML5, CSS3, InVisionApp, & Flinto
☀   Zeplin, Axure, & Key Note

I prosper in “architect philosophy” where prototyping and testing are the standard to validate my designs for optimal usability.

☀   Pencil-Paper & Key Note
☀   Balsamiq & HTML5
☀   InVisionApp & Flinto
☀   Axure & Zeplin
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Process Map


Designing seamless experience is achievable by focusing on simplicity and user validation. I apply appropriate tools with data to experiments and overcome challenges.
My process follows from concept to launch through all stages of the product life including, but not limited to: concept ideation, user research, feature design, information architecture, interaction and visual design. I love to create work to make sure that your company's standards and values are coming across.

My Processes

  •    Comparative Investigation

  •    Mental Model

  •    Task Analysis

  •    Wireframing Scenarios

  •    Mockup & Prototyping

  •    Usability Testing


Why Me?

I am a well-known expert, innovator and advocate in product design experience encompassing user interface design, gesture interaction, and UI execution approaches and classifying for both desktop mobile platforms and the Internet of Things. I work with my entourage as a creative entrepreneur from concept to the final execution.

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